Asbicon Group offers Extra Support to Businesses at this time

The Corona Virus outbreak has created situations where Asbicon Group’s services mainly related to remote training and design closely align with current market requirements. We have shared details of the services widely to raise awareness amongst a bigger population. We are very pleased that we were able to share what we can do and how we can support with a much bigger audience and are thankful for a great response received. We are however also conscious that this is potentially a challenging time for many businesses and we want to support in any way we can. Asbicon Group is run by the drive and passion of our teams dedicated to delivering strong results for our clients. If businesses require any assistance with our services that we can provide e.g Extended payment terms, Quicker turnaround timings, Liaising with other service providers, urgent project management etc. We would be very happy to help! If we can help or support in any way, please reach out on .


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“Virtual Assisted Learning” for Remote Teams – Educate, Engage, Enable and Inspire

With more and more teams working remotely at the moment, this could be an opportunity to help them reflect and strengthen their skills and knowledge. There could be areas of skill and knowledge development that have been on the back burner for some time due to other priorities, this might be the time to share that training through Virtual Assisted Learning delivered by expert trainers if self-paced eLearning might not be the right solution. This could include:

  1. Product and/or Services Training
  2. Company Values Training
  3. Functional Skill Development
  4. Behavior/Soft Skills Development
  5. Knowledge of Future Trends
  6. Any other

Asbicon Learning’s “Virtual Assisted Learning” service can provide this solution. The content behind a lot of Functional Skills development can be viewed at .

For more information, please get in touch on

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Building Skills and Productivity of staff working from home

Are more of your teams working from home now? Do you want to use this time to enhance their skills and productivity? Asbicon Learning might be able to help with our eLearning solutions. You can:

  1. Use readymade eLearning programs available from Asbicon Learning to enhance Sales, Marketing & Behavioral Skills
  2. Customised eLearning programs can be created and deployed within a short time period
  3. eLearning using regular videos from management to the wider workforce to ensure key messaging during enhanced periods of remote working can be enabled
  4. Virtual Assisted Learning where expert trainers on individual topics conduct virtual live training is also available
  5. To know more, please get in touch on

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Shopper Marketing, Trade Marketing, Customer Marketing

Shopper Marketing, Trade Marketing, Customer Marketing – What is it?

There has been an age-old discussion on this point of difference between these 3 terms and my LinkedIn post on the same topic sometimes ago broke all engagement records for me. Off lately, as our business Asbicon has specialised more and more in the Shopper area, this has allowed me to dive deeper into this phenomenon and am happy to share our thinking with all.

Very simply, all the marketing activities from the manufacturer to the retailer/trade so that the retailer/trade stocks and sells that product or service can be called Trade Marketing. All the marketing that happens within the retailer/trade to the shopper of a product or service can be called Shopper Marketing. Both Trade and Shopper Marketing combined can be referred to as Customer Marketing. There are a lot of further details that would sit beneath this such as manufacturer or service provider’s contribution versus retail or trade contribution in these areas of marketing, some overlaps that are bound to exist and the development trajectory of these concepts as channel landscapes change such as the emergence of digital.

All in all, this is a fantastic area of marketing and I will definitely be spending more time working within these. If anyone wishes to discuss more on these topics, please feel free to reach out.


Ankur Shiv Bhandari


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Deep dive into your Brand’s Social Persona – Request complimentary SQR (Report)

Social Quotient Report customised for your brand provided complimentary just now for Consumer Goods organisations and professionals by Asbicon. Please request using this link: Click Here

(Asbicon is a “Sales & Marketing Support Company” focused on the Consumer Goods and Services sector. Asbicon enables this through its 7 verticals of Capability Development, Dezign Services, Data Services, Research, Assisted Advisory®, IT Solutions and Digital Marketing providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients.)



All Sales and Marketing Support for Consumer Goods Companies under one roof [2022]

All Sales and Marketing Support for Consumer Goods Companies under one roof [2022]

Asbicon’s Founder Ankur Shiv Bhandari inducted into the Worshipful Company of Marketors

Asbicon Group ( feels privileged to share that their Founder and CEO Mr. Ankur Shiv Bhandari ( has been inducted into the Workshipful Company of Marketors at a glistening ceremony held in the Mansion House, City of London. The Company’s chosen membership is selected from senior marketing practitioners and marketing services experts, together with recognised marketing academics. The Marketors promote Marketing as a force for economic and public benefit, encouraging excellence in marketing education and marketing in practice.

This is in sync with Ankur and Asbicon’s vision of providing Sales and Marketing support to individuals and organisations.

To know more about Ankur, please visit

(Asbicon is a “Sales & Marketing Support Company” focused on the Consumer Goods and Services sector. Asbicon enables this through its 6 verticals of Dezign Services, Capability Development, Data Services, Research, Assisted Advisory® & IT Solutions providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients.)