GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Testimonial for Asbicon

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Testimonial for Asbicon

Asbicon GAIN and WIN

Asbicon launches Training solutions platform Asbicon Learning for Consumer Goods and Services Sector focused on Structured and Progressive Growth

Asbicon Learning, the capability development arm of the Asbicon Group ( launches Training Solutions focused on the Consumer Goods and Services Sector. Asbicon Learning’s capability development solutions are based on it’s proprietary and trademarked methodology GAIN and WIN


Asbicon Learning’s Training Solutions are structured into Training Packs and Learning Capsules

Training Packs:

Each pillar of the GAIN and WIN Methodology as below consists of 5 constituent Learning Capsules( please refer to the GAIN and WIN Visual) and is structured as a Training Pack which can be delivered in a physical 2 Day workshop where all 5 Learning Capsules will be covered.

1) G- Get New Customers
2) A- Augment Customer Spend
3) I- Increase Frequency of Purchase
4) N- Nurture and Grow Profits

Learning capsules:

Individual Learning Capsules can also be bought by companies and Individuals online which can be delivered virtually in Interactive mode by experts from the Consumer Goods and Services Sector.

Asbicon Learning is proud to have experts from the Consumer Goods and Services Industry on its panel who have spent years in this sector. These Experts will be delivering the Learning Capsules as well as Training Packs so that the delegates of Asbicon Learning’s Training programs benefit not only from Industry leading content but also from real practical experience of experts from the sector.

Through its GAIN and WIN methodology, Asbicon Learning also provides HR functions and Commercial Capability functions in an organisation with a Ready-made structured approach to get their resources trained in a progressive way by seniority and job-level

Asbicon Learning’s Training content is ready to be delivered in the following Geographies*:

1) United Kingdom
2) United States of America
3) Europe (English Content with English & French Delivery)
4) Middle East (English content with both English & Arabic verbal delivery)
5) India (English content with English,Hindi,Tamil, Malyalam,Punjabi,Bengali & Marathi verbal delivery as required)
6) Sri Lanka (English content with English, Sinhalese & Tamil verbal delivery as required)
7) Indonesia (English content with both English & Bahasa verbal delivery)
8) Canada (English Content with English & French Delivery)
9) Africa (English Content with English & French Delivery)
*Other geographies can be serviced if required in English

Asbicon Learning can also create Custom-requirements based Training for clients if required.Clients can also use Asbicon’s own training facilities in UK, Dubai and India if required at an added cost

Asbicon Learning Courses can be booked from now for delivery starting 15th January 2017

For further info or any questions, please get in touch on

(Asbicon is a Consumer Goods & Services specialist firm focused on “Growth Solutions for Aspiring Brands”. Asbicon enables this through its 5 verticals of Research, Assisted Advisory®, Capability Development, Data services & Design services providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients)


Asbicon’s design vertical Dezign Services launches Dezign Insta Packs for Consumer Goods and Services Sector with Transparent Pricing

Dezign Services, the Shopper Focused Design and creative agency specialising in the Consumer Goods and Services sector launches Dezign Insta Packs for its clients. Dezign services provides Shopper focused design solutions for Consumer Goods and Services sector by focusing on sector specific design needs at:

Corporate Level
Category Level
Brand Level
Pack Level

With the launch of Dezign Insta Packs, Dezign Services aims to bring simplicity and transparency in the way its clients can book their services. Dezign Insta Packs have been configured based on most common needs of Consumer Goods and Services clients at various levels of Corporate, Category, Brand, Pack and Personal.

At the Corporate level, 4 Dezign Insta Pack solution packages( Bronze, Silver,Gold and Diamond) have been developed with a nominal monthly cost to meet small to large design and social media management needs of the clients. This is also aimed at ensuring regular support to clients as required.

For clients requiring Design services that are different than pre-configured Dezign Insta Packs, they can submit their specific requirements through the forms on the website or contact on

Dezign services is An Asbicon Group Company( Asbicon’s Design and Creative vertical is supported by Dezign Services. Please visit for more details